Cloud Drawing Step By Step – Easy Drawing For kids

Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – masking tape

1. Draw cloud.

First, we draw a margin around our drawing paper with help of a pencil and paper. Then draw a cloud right in the middle of the paper.

2. Make sun on the cloud drawing.

This time we will draw a sun on that cloud. We draw a circle first. Then we draw fire with a pencil around that circle.

3. Draw the face and eyes of the sun.

In this step of drawing, we draw a beautiful eye and face of the sun. First, we draw the outer side of the eye, Then draw the eyeball inside his eyes.

4. Color the sun.

We color the full sun yellow including the face and mouth. Then color the outline with red color pencil.

5. Color the outline.

We make the color of the clouds light blue. If you wish, you can make the color of the cloud like the picture above or you can fill the whole cloud with blue color.

6. Highlight the border.

Look, our picture of the sun and the cloud drawing for kids is almost finished. Finally, we highlight the outlines of the picture with a black sketch to make the picture look more interesting.