Easy Coronavirus Drawing Step by Step for Competition

Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw the margin.

First, we will take the white paper. We will draw the margins around the white paper. We will pull the margin keeping half an inch to pull it evenly around the margin. If the margins around are equal, the white paper will look nice.

2. Draw the circle.

We will draw a circle in the middle of the white paper to draw the coronavirus. And We will mark the place of the eye in the middle of the circle by drawing two lines.

3. Draw the eyes of Coronavirus.

We will draw the eyes in two semicircles below the place marked for drawing the eyes of Coronavirus. You will draw the eyes of the coronavirus in an angry manner.

4. Now draw the eyebrows of coronavirus.

Draw two eyebrows over the two eyes of the coronavirus. Draw two frowning eyebrows, as if the virus is frowning angrily. And the eyelids should be well drawn.

5. Draw the nose, mouth, and crown of the coronavirus.

Draw a crown on the head of the coronavirus just like the king’s crown. After this crown, the coronavirus seems to be ruling the country, spreading its panic. Draw the coronavirus’s nose and face in a smirk.

6. Draw the antenna of the coronavirus.

We will draw many antennae around the entire face of the coronavirus. These are not just antennas, they are part of the virus, which spreads the virus among humans, infecting them and pushing them to the brink of death.

7. Draw the wound on the face of the virus.

Draw wound all over the face of the coronavirus, making the virus look even more terrible, the virus that pushes people to the brink of death, the virus can never be common.

8. Color the face and antenna of Coronavirus.

We will use red color to paint the face of coronavirus. We will give red to color the antenna in the same way. The color red is a symbol of anger, so we painted the face of the coronavirus red.

9. Paint the eyes of the coronavirus.

We will give two different colors to the two eyes of coronavirus. We will light blue in the left eye and dark blue in the right eye. The face and antennae of the coronavirus should be lightly blackened.

10. Paint the eyebrows and the crown.

You will use yellow color in the crown of the coronavirus. Paint the eyebrows of coronavirus black. And on the blank space on the white paper, draw the garbage from the body of coronavirus with yellow color.

11. Paint the teeth.

We will give white color to the teeth of the coronavirus just like human teeth are white. And we’ll paint the bottom of the teeth black, the inside the mouth of the coronavirus.

12. Paint the space around the antenna.

Paint each antenna around blue. You will do the blue color in some places, do not leave some space, that is, light blue color on the whole part of the white paper. Paint some parts of the face blue.

13. Give the border.

The only reason to give a border, we give the border to see if any color has gone out of the outline. To see it. We have drawn everything step by step so that you can easily draw pictures of Coronavirus. We’ve made it easy for everything from painting a virus to painting.

Coronavirus drawing is completed