Cow Drawing By 12 Easy Steps

Cow Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw hair and horn.

First, take the drawing paper. Draw the margin equally on all four sides of the drawing paper. Then make the head hair very nice. Make horns with curved lines on both sides of the hair.

2. Draw left part of the cow face.

Make leaf-shaped ears on the left side of the cow’s face. Draw the left eye very close to the ear, so that the cow looks like it is looking at one side. Then make the cow’s muzzle and nostrils.

3. Draw right part of the face.

Draw the same ear on the right side as before. Then draw round eyes and small round eyeballs. And draw a big circle around the eyes.

4. Draw back legs and tail.

Draw a straight line from the cow’s ears to the back. Then make the tail with two curved lines. Make a bunch of hair at the bottom of the tail. Draw the two back legs very nicely. And draw the hooves on the bottom of the foot.

5. Draw front part of the body.

Draw a curved line from the cow’s neck to its hind legs. Then draw the two front legs and the hooves on the bottom of the legs. On the lower part of the body, draw fore udder and teat. And make different shapes on the body.

6. Make background.

Draw a straight line behind the cow. Make the shape of the raised ground by bending the line over the line.

Look our cow drawing is almost complete. Now we color the cow picture with oil pastels.

7. Color the horns, hair, and body shape.

Give dark brown color to the bunch of cow’s horns and tail hair. Do brown color on different shapes of the cow’s body as well.

8. Color the inner part ear, fore udder, and teat.

Paint the inside of the cow’s ears pink. And give pink color on fore udder and teat as well.

9. Color eyes and hooves.

Give dark black color on the eyeball and white color on the upper side of the eyeballs. Paint the muzzle light yellow. Do black color on nostrils. And give dark black color to the hooves of the cow.

10. Make grass.

Now make the grass at the lower part of the cow’s legs with green in color. Do not give too dark green color to make the grass.

11. Color the raised soil shape.

Give dark green color to the raised soil shape. The upper part of the ground is full of grass so it will be dark green.

12. Highlight the cow picture.

Finally, highlight the beautiful cow picture with a black marker pen. After highlighting the picture our drawing is completed. Hope you also finished the drawing very easily by following our tutorial.

Cow Drawing By 12 Easy Steps Is Now Complete