Deer Drawing Easy Tutorial for Kids or Beginners

Baby Deer Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw the margins and the shape of the head and nose.

First, we will take the white paper. Leave half an inch around the white paper and draw the margins evenly.

2. Draw baby deer eyes, eyebrows, face, and ears.

Draw a small line below the nose to draw the baby deer’s mouth. And draw round eyes. Also, draw eyebrows above the eyes.

3. Draw the front two legs of the baby deer.

Draw a line straight down from the head to draw the first leg of the baby deer. And to draw the second leg, draw another line from the middle of the drawn line to its side.

4. Draw the baby deer’s neck, belly, back, two legs, and tail.

Pull a line from the front two legs of the baby deer to the back to draw the belly. Then draw a leg on the back.

5. Paint the baby deer’s face and ears.

We will use brown color on the whole face of the baby deer. We will paint the face as well as the ears brown color.

6. Paint every part of the whole body of the baby deer.

The baby deer’s neck, front legs, abdomen, hind legs, back, and tail will also be painted in brown color. Don’t use dark brown color, use light brown color.

7. Paint the striped spots.

Paint the striped spots with brown color on the body of the baby deer. But paint the striped spots very closely.

8. Color the eyes and the eye stars.

We will paint the baby’s eyes black. Black color, use very dark. And give white color to the eye star.

9. Highlight the whole body of the baby deer and color its hooves and eyebrows.

Draw the line of the baby deer’s mouth again with the black marker pen. Color the eyebrows with help of a black marker pen.

10. Paint grass and grass flowers.

We will use green to color the grass. Paint the grass flower pink color. The baby deer is standing on the grass.