Dorami Drawing Tutorial for Kids | How To Draw Dorami?

Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

Step 1: Draw the Dorami’s head.

First, we will take the white paper. Draw the margins evenly around the white paper. To draw Dorami’s head, draw a circle.

Step 2 : Draw the Dorami’s head and neck.

To draw on Dorami’s head, draw another circle just above the same circle as the previous one. We will draw the neck of the Dorami Drawing in the space left by the previous circle.

Step 3 : Now draw Dorami’s eyes and eyebrows.

Dorami’s eyes are small circles. And draw eyebrows with two curved lines over the eyes.

Step 4 : Draw the Dorami’s eyes-ball, mouth, nose, and ears.

Draw small circles inside Doraemon’s two eyes, and draw the eye-ball in the eyes. To draw the nose, draw a small circle. The Dorami Drawing needs to be very nice.

Step 5 : Draw Dorami’s tongue, body, and legs.

Draw a small tongue inside Dorami’s mouth. To draw the body, pull two lines from Dorami’s neck downwards, on either side.

Step 6 : Draw Dorami’s right-hand, pocket, and tail.

To draw a pocket on Dorami’s abdomen, draw a semicircle. Dorami’s right hand will be in his pocket. Draw his hand in this position.

Step 7 : Color Dorami’s head, hands, and body.

We will color Dorami’s head yellow. Give yellow color to color Dorami’s hands and whole body.

Step 8 : Color the Dorami’s eyes and eye-ball.

Give black color to Dorami’s eyes. And we’ll use white color to color the eyes-ball. This will make the Dorami Drawing more interesting.

Step 9 : Dye the Dorami’s ears and inside mouth.

We will paint the inside of Doraemon’s mouth red. To color the ears, we will also use red color. Give the color red in a very beautiful way.

Step 10 : Paint Dorami’s cheek, nose, pockets, and the middle part of the flower.

In the middle part of Dorami’s two cheeks, paint pink. Paint the nose pink. Give white and pink color to the pocket. And paint the middle part of the flower red.

Dorami drawing  is complete.