Draw a Moonlight Wolf Scenery Step by Step With Oil Pastel

Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

Step 1 :Put Masking Tape.

Draw the margins with the help of masking tape. There is no need to omit half an inch around the white page.

Step 2 : Give blue color in the background.

Background, who is the rest of the picture except the moon. Give more blue around the white page and gradually light blue towards the moon.

Step 3 : Give purple color around the moon.

Paint the area around the moon purple. Towards the moon, the purple color will be more and the farther away from the moon, the lighter the purple will be.

Step 4 : Give black color to the distant sky.

The black color will be lighter towards the margin at the very edge of the white page. Don’t give too much black color, it will make the picture look awkward.

Step 5 : Rub the whole color with the help of tissue paper.

Rub the black color first with the help of tissue paper. If you rub the black color, now you will gradually turn blue.

Step 6 : Pick up the tissue paper to be placed on the moon.

That moon was made with the help of tissue paper, Now We will remove that tissue paper. After removing the tissue paper, We will rub the purple color around the moon with our fingers.

Step 7 :Make wolf structures.

With the help of black color, we will draw wolves starting from the middle of the moon. First, draw a picture of a wolf.

Step 8 : Paint the wolf and the rock.

Color the whole body of the wolf black. we will paint the rock under the wolf’s feet black. We color with the help of black pastel.

Step 9 : Rub the black color with the help of tissue paper.

At first, Rub the black color well with a small piece of tissue paper. Rub in such a way that it is evenly colored all around.