Draw A Snowman In 9 Steps


Snowman Drawing Requirement Materials

– White Paper – Rule Pencil – Rubber – Tissue Paper – Color Box

1. Drew the margins around the drawing paper.

First, we need to take a clean white paper. Then pull the margin by dropping half an inch around the paper.

2. Draw the shape of a hat.

First, we draw a hat. The upper part of the hat will be rectangular in shape. Then I will draw a round parallelogram at the bottom of the hat. 

3. Draw a circle(snowman’s head) below the hat.

Now, we draw a circle to make a snowman’s head. We can use a drawing compass to make a circle.

4. Draw the other two more circles.

After drawing the head, we draw two more circles to make the snowman’s body. We also draw a throat before drawing more circles.

5. Make a snowman’s face.

Now, we draw the nose, eyes, and mouth of the snowman. The nose will be a triangle in shape. Draw two dotted eyes. And draw a ‘U” letter shape smiley mouth.

6. Draw two hands with fingers and a scarf.

Now we draw two hands with figures for the snowman on the middle circle. After drawing the hands we make a beautiful scarf on the neck of the snowman.

7. Color the hat, nose, and scarf.

First, we color the hat black. Then we color the snowman’s nose orange and then we start to color the scarf. The color of the scarf we can give whatever we like. I have used yellow orange blue and pink in this picture.

8. Color the body of the snowman.

Now, we start to color the snowman’s body. Take a light blue color and give it to the snowman’s body. Remember when we color it, the right side will be darker than the left side. The ground will be also blue in color.

9. Highlight the border of the snowman.

Our color process of the snowman is almost complete. In the last step, we draw the outline of a snowman with a black sketch.