Draw an Elephant in 9 Steps

White Scribbled Underline

Requirement Materials For Elephant Drawing

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Pull the margin.

First, we will take the white paper. We will draw margins on all four sides of the white paper. Draw the margin leaving half an inch around the white paper.

2. Make the head and trunk of an elephant.

Draw the trunk, bend it down to the left like a pipe along the length, which will be its trunk. Hope the children complete the trunk and head of the elephant.

3. Draw elephant ears.

Draw two ears on either side of the baby elephant. To draw a baby elephant’s ear, we draw a semicircle from the top corner, then draw a curved line from there and block again at the bottom corner.

4. Draw the body, arms, legs, and tail of the baby elephant.

As you can see, we made two spots on the bottom of the head and the two spots were pulled inwards again and merged a little above. The hand picture will be on the body.

5. Make eyes and tusks.

First, we draw two circles two make eyes and an eyeball. Then we draw eyebrows. After making eyes we draw two cute tusks.

6. Draw the elephant’s teeth and eyes and color the head and ears.

The baby will draw the elephant’s teeth and eyes. The ivory will be big on both sides and the eyes will be round. No color can be used here, we will draw the whole body with the help of a pencil.

7. Draw the elephant’s feet and fingers and color the body and trunk.

First, we will draw the fingers of the baby elephant. After shaping the fingers, we will paint the baby elephant’s body as well as its trunk gray with a pencil. We will color the baby elephant’s hand gray.

8. Color the eyes and body.

When coloring the eyes, leave the top of the circle blank and darken the bottom, leaving a little more space below it. Draw two eyebrows over the eyes. Draw the hair on the back of the tail with the help of a pencil.

9. Make some green grass.

Now, we can use grass color. We all know that green color is used in the grass. Now with the help of a pencil, the baby will border the whole body of the elephant