Drawing a Monster in 10 Easy Steps

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw the margin.

–First, we will take white paper. Draw the margins around the white paper. Draw the margins evenly around the white paper to enhance its beauty. Margins should be drawn leaving half an inch to equalize the margins around.

2. Draw the body of the monster.

The monster’s body looks a lot like a drum. Draw a notch on the body of the monster and a notch on the bottom in the same way. And draw two spots on either side. Kids, you see the drums. So you will easily draw the body of the cartoon monster drawing.

3. Draw Monster’s two hands and two legs.

You have to draw two thick hands on both sides of the monster’s body. And draw notched hair on both his hands. And draw his two legs under his body. In the same way, like the hands, draw the hair on the feet of the monster. Draw the hair on the underside of the monster’s body.

4. Draw the Monster’s face, teeth, eyes, eyebrows, and two horns.

Draw two horns on either side of the monster’s head. The two horns look a lot like the English letter L. We will draw Monster’s face and big teeth. And draw circles to draw eyes. We will draw a small circle inside the circle again. We will draw eyebrows above the eyes. And draw hair on the head of the monster.

5. Draw Spots on The Monster’s body.

The spots will pull from the top left side of the monster’s body to the bottom right side. The spots will block from the left hand to the right hand of the monster. Make sure the spots are parallel to each other.

6. Paint parallel spots on the monster’s body.

Use red to color the parallel spaces on the monster’s body. Do the red color very finely, keep in mind that there may be a possibility of going out of the outline. After giving red color, rub it with tissue paper. The red color should be used on the monster to make the monster extremely scary.

7. Paint the spaces of the monster’s body.

Monster will give yellow color to the spaces of the body. You will also use yellow color in Monster’s hair color. After giving yellow color, rub it with tissue paper. See, you have easily painted your feet. Make sure that the Monster eyebrows do not get any color. Now we need to fill the color in the draw of the monster.

8. Paint the Monster horns and eyes.

Paint the area around the monster’s eyes yellow and blacken the eyes. Monster’s horn should be painted yellow to make it two colors. After giving yellow color, rub it well with tissue paper. With this horn, the monster possesses the power to kill people. Because the monster is so strong. You watch cartoons of all these terrible masters on TV.

9. Paint the Monster eyebrows.

Give black color to color the eyebrows of the monster. The monster seemed to raise its eyebrows in anger. If he goes in front of the monster, he will either kill him or eat him. He is so angry. Monsters are usually terrifying. Our draw of the monster is almost completed.

10. Color the monster’s teeth and mouth.

Give it pink color to color the monster’s face. Everyone knows the color of teeth is white, so whiten the color of the teeth and use black color to denote the denture of the notch. You can see how big the monster’s teeth are so he can easily eat anyone.

11. Draw grass and give borders.

We will draw grass under our monster drawing with the help of green color, the monster is standing on this grass in anger. And with the help of black markers, we will give borders around the whole body of the monster. Look, kids, how easy it is for us to draw a monster, for you. One day it will be easy for you to draw this picture too.

 Monster Drawing in 10 Easy Steps is now complete 

White Scribbled Underline