Dream Scenery Drawing in 7 Steps

White Scribbled Underline

Dream Scenery Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

Step 1: Take two Papers

Take an art paper and fix it with your board with the help of tape. Now, cut out a circle shape (like sun) tape and place it on the art paper. These tapes help us to fill color without any fear of out. So these tapes are essential for this drawing.

Step 2: Make Gradient Color

Now starts filling the color with oil pastel. Start from outside of the sun. Take the light blue color and fill it outside the sun according to the sun’s shape. After that, take the standard blue color and serve it as a duplicate. Then take a deep blue color and fill. Lastly, seal the edges with bluish-purple paint. These color patterns will help us to make the drawing a realistic gradient from the sun.

Step 3: Make Gradient Color Smooth

In these steps, we need one or two pieces of tissue paper. Take tissue paper and rub it on the color. We rubbed it on full art paper until it got smooth and looked like the below picture.

After smoothing the gradient color draw a tree, like the below pictures. You can draw it with a marker or directly with a black oil pastel color. Which you comfortable with using that to draw the tree. Also, don’t forget to draw the grass below.

Step 4: Tree for Dream Scenery Drawing

Draw two lines from the branches of the tree. It is the rope of the Swing. After that, draw a Swing connected to the ropes. Look, our drawing looks attractive without completing it.

Step 5: Draw a Swing

Here we need to draw carefully. First, draw the girl on the Swing carefully in black color. And then draw the cat slowly. Make sure to draw the cat whisker. It will make this drawing awesome.

Step 6: Draw a Girl and a Cat

In the end, take pink and white colors and draw the small leaf on the tree. Don’t draw too many leaves; otherwise, it will look not good. So try to draw a minimum of leaves on the tree.

Step 7: Finalizing the Dream Scenery Drawing