Durga Puja Theme Drawing Easy – Durga Puja Drawing Competition Ideas

Durga Puja Theme Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Put masking tape and make the body, weapon, and crown shape.

First, take the drawing paper. Put masking tape on the margins of the drawing paper. Place another masking tape over the bottom margin from the right to the left edge

2. Make the shape of a lion and draw leg of Devi Durga.

Make a lion shape on the lower part of Goddess Durga’s body. First, make the lion’s head and upper body with curved lines. Then draw the four legs of the lion on the lower part of the body.

3. Make circle and put masking tape.

Draw a circle around Goddess Durga and the lion. Then place masking tape on the circle.

4. Make background.

Color the topmost part of the sky background black. After black, paint blue, then paint red on both sides of the circle. At last, give yellow color.

5. Rub the color.

Now rub the colors very well using tissue paper. After rubbing the color, see how beautiful the sky background looks.

6. Remove masking tape from circle.

Use dark black color to make the bottom background. Then remove the masking tape from the circle and the bottom.

7. Color background.

Use dark black color in place of the masking tape removed below. Make few lines on the lower part of the lion’s legs with black color to make it look like grass.

8. Color Devi Durga’s entire body and Lion.

Give dark black color to Goddess Durga’s body, hands, and weapons. Along with Goddess Durga, use dark black color on the entire body of the lion.

9. Make stars.

Make tiny dots with white color make stars on the black sky. With this beautiful view of the sky, the festival of Goddess Durga Puja becomes more pleasant.

10. Remove masking tape.

Finally, remove the masking tape at the margin. After removing the masking tape, see how beautiful this Maa Durga drawing in the evening looks. The evening drawing of Goddess Durga is complete as per our mind. Hope you are done following our tutorial.