Durga Puja Theme Drawing in 9 Steps

Large drum Drawing Requirement Materials 

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Make a turban and face structure.

First, take the drawing paper. Draw margins evenly around the drawing paper. Then make lovely nose, mouth, and eyes. Draw a turban on the head. Make the hair at the back of the head.

2. Draw hands and stick.

Now make the Dholakia’s right hand forward. Make a stick by drawing a line from the right hand upwards. Draw the left hand with two diagonal lines. Make a stick by drawing a line from the left hand downwards.

3. Make dhoti.

Draw the line above the left hand. Then Make the dhoti on the Dholakia’s right leg. To draw the folds of the dhoti, draw the line between the dhoti. Then draw the dhoti on the left leg.

4. Draw legs and a large drum.

Draw the right leg on the lower part of the dhoti very nicely. Then draw the left leg up off the ground. To draw the large drum, draw a curve to the left, draw lines above and below the curved line, and draw circles between both ends of the line. On the occasion of Durga Puja, the Dholakia raises one leg and plays the drum.

5. Make large drum ropes and designs.

To draw the large drum, first draw the rope from both ends of the drum, joining the Dholakia’s shoulders. Then pull zigzag lines on the drum to make the design. At the right end of the drum, make a flower-like design with upward curved lines.

6. Start Coloring.

Use red color on the turban. Color the lower part of the dhoti red. Then color the drum design very nicely in red. Give the red color to the rope of the drum.

7. Color the body.

In this step, we color the man. To color the body of the Dholakia, use yellow color. Use yellow color on the entire skin of the person, hands, leg, and face in every place.

8. Color dhoti and flower design.

Use blue color on the man’s dhoti very nicely. Then give blue color on the flower design at the end of the drum.

9. Make soil and grass.

Now make the soil with curved lines with the help of a black marker pen. Make grass with green color on the ground. The Dholakia stands on this ground and plays the drum to the delight of Maa Durga.

Durga puja theme drawing is complete.