Easy Double Exposure Scenery Sketch

Let's Draw

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw a large circle.

First, we will take the white paper. Draw the margins leaving half an inch to draw the margins evenly around the white paper. Draw a large circle in the middle of the white paper with a pencil. In the middle of this circle, we will draw the scene.

2. Now draw the railing.

Draw five straight lines at the bottom of the circle, from right to left. Draw five straight lines parallel to each other. First, draw two straight lines, then leave some gaps, and then draw three straight lines again. Leave the bottom of the end of the five straight lines blank.

3. Draw poles to hold the railing.

We will draw two poles to hold the railing. Draw poles to the right and left of the circle. Maintain some distance between the two poles. Show Less

4. Draw a line on the railing and draw a wooden bridge below.

First, draw a straight line on the railing. Then draw a wooden bridge under the railing. The wooden bridge is small on both sides but large in the middle.

5. Make the sun above the line.

Do not draw the whole sun, draw a semicircle. Because to create this beautiful scene, it is very necessary to draw a semicircular sun.

6. Make clouds.

Draw clouds on the part above the sun. Draw the clouds in pieces. Rub with a pencil around the clouds above the sun.

7. Shade the water.

We will shade the water with the help of a pencil. Do this shadow of water from the right and left sides of the circle. Do not shade the front of the sun.

8. Paint the pillars of the railing with the help of a pencil.

Paint both the railing and the pole with a pencil. We will darken the color on the poles and railings with the pencil.

9. Paint the wooden bridge with a pencil.

Now paint the wooden bridge very nicely with the help of pencil. Do this color of the wood like scratching. There are a lot of scratches on this wooden bridge.

10. Draw the birds.

We will draw many tiny birds in front of the sun. The birds are flying towards their home. Standing on this wooden bridge, the mind will be satisfied with the beautiful view. We all got a chance to see this beautiful view of the sunset

Double Exposure Scenery Sketch

Wavy Line