Easy Drawing on Doctors Fighting Against COVID-19 in 13 steps

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black, Red Color

Step 1:Draw the margin.

First, we will take white paper. Draw margins around on white paper. Margins should be equal around. The margin should be drawn keeping half an inch around to make the margin even

Step 2:Draw pictures of people.  

The picture of the man should be drawn on the right side of the white paper. Draw a T-shirt over the man’s eyes, both hands, head hair, and body. And draw a mask on the face of the preserver, and a cover on the hand. Draw the right hand in front as if you are stoping someone.

Step 3:Draw a picture of COVID-19.  

We will now draw a picture of that terrible COVID-19. We will draw the terrible teeth and eyes of COVID-19. You can see how the virus is spreading by looking at the pictures. And the preserver stands before him fearlessly.

Step 4:Paint the person’s headcover, face mask, hand cover, T-shirt.    

To color, the face mask of the preserver, use the color blue. You will also use blue color to color the headcover, give the same color to the hand cover and T-shirt. We will draw the nose of the virus and draw various wounds on his cheek

Step 5:Color the hands, neck, and face, and eyes of the preserver.      

Use light pink to paint both hands of the person preserver. Apply light pink color on the face and neck in the same way. You all know the color of the eyes is black so the color of the eye of the preserver will be black. Make sure that the light pink color does not go out of the outline.

Step 6:Paint the face of COVID-19.        

Use light red to color the entire face of the COVID-19. Using red to make coronavirus very terrible will make it look very terrible. Leave the teeth and eyes of the virus blank to give another color there.

Step 7:Draw the wounds.          

We will draw the scarred areas with the help of a pencil on the light red color given on the face. Wounds will be all over the face. This is because it is necessary to draw the wound site to make the virus terrible.

Step 8:Color the wounds of Covid Virus            

Each of you will use blue to color the wound. And whiten it with whitener next to blue. It looks a lot like a flower, but it’s a lot scarier. And also paint the wounds on the outside of the face. With the help of Whitner, dot all over the face.

Step 9:Paint the teeth and eyes of the COVID-19 virus and give the wound border with a black marker.              

COVID-19 will use black color to color the eyes and make their eyes look a lot scarier. Do light black spots on the wound. And give a border with backorder with a black mark around the wound. Put a little black on the nostrils of the virus

Step 10:Paint the teeth of the COVID-19 virus.                

The color of COVID-19 teeth will be light black. And give a light shade to the blank space of the white paper. This COVID-19 is terrible as well as very deadly. You will understand it only if you look at the picture well

Step 11:Paint the small COVID-19 virus.                  

See how the small viruses born from the big virus are coming towards the people. Use light red to color these small virus shots. All of these small viruses infect humans and take lives. You can see from the pictures that many small COVID-19 are being born from this big virus.

Step 12:Paint around the body of a small COVID-19 Virus.                    

Use blue to color around this small COVID-19. Each small COVID-19 needs to be painted around. You can understand by looking at the picture how much the small COVID-19 is interested in infecting the preserver

Step 13:Paint the viruses born from the COVID-19 virus, big and small.                    

How many more coronaviruses are born from large and small COVID-19, you will draw with the help of blue color. All of these tiny viruses are more likely to infect humans. Look, kids, just for you, we made the picture of COVID-19 and the person who saved it very simple. The saver is none other than a scientist. We drew a picture of the coronavirus and the person who saved it very simply

Easy Drawing on Doctors Fighting Against COVID-19 in 13 steps is complete now