Easy Flower Drawing For Kids Step by Step Full Tutorial

Requirement Materials For Flower Drawing

– White paper – Pencil – Tissue paper – Eraser – Color Box – Pencil sharpener

Step 1 : Draw the margin.

We need a scale and a rule to draw margins. Use a scale to draw a margin around the white page, with the exception of half an inch.

Step 2 : Draw a beautiful flower.

We will draw flowers in a very simple way. To do this picture you need to draw a lot of ‘U’ in the English alphabet.

Step 3 : Draw stems and leaves.

Each flower has a stalk. So we will draw a stalk of our flower. We will draw a leaf just below the stalk.

Step 4 : Give red color to the flower.

Kids mostly like red flowers. So we gave the color of the flower red here. If you want, you can give yellow, blue, purple, etc. colors of flowers here.

Step 5 : Color the leaves and highlight the outline.

Flowers and stalks should not have the same color. We will paint the stalks and leaves green.