Facebook Logo Drawing  by 7 Steps

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw a square box.

First, we will take the white paper. We will draw the margins around the white paper. After drawing the margins, we will draw a square box in the middle of the white paper. Do not draw lines at the corners of this square box.

2. Draw the circle.

Inside the square box, draw two circles at the bottom. Draw the two circles very close, And leave the space between the two circles blank.

3. Draw the mouth and tongue.

Below the space between the two circles, we will draw a semicircle. Draw the teeth by adding a curve from the right to the left corner, and the same in the curved line below to draw the tongue.

4. Now draw the ‘F’ word.

The kids all know how to write the English letter F. So it is very easy for them to draw F. Draw this English letter F inside the square box, on the right side

5. Paint the square box.

To paint the inside of the box, we will use blue color. We will leave the things drawn inside the box, and paint the rest blue.

6. Color the English letter F and the two circles.

The English letter F to color, use white color. In those two circles, we will paint like eyes. In more than half, paint black, and paint the rest white color. In the middle of the black color, do white color in the eyeball. Do the same thing in two circles.

7. Paint the teeth, the inside of the mouth, and the tongue.

Paint the teeth white in color. Use black color on the inside of the mouth. Make the tongue red in color. Now we have finished drawing and coloring this Facebook logo. Makes it as easy as possible.

Facebook Logo Drawing is complete

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