Flamingo Drawing By 8 Easy Steps

Flamingo Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw beak and eye.

First, take drawing paper. Draw margins evenly on all four sides of the drawing paper. Then make a lovely beak with curved lines. Make a small circle on the top of the beak, and draw the eyes.

2. Draw head and neck.

After drawing the eyes, draw the head. Then very nicely draw the neck by making a shape like the English letter ‘S’ with two curved lines.

3. Draw body and tail.

Now draw the flamingo bird body with two curved lines from the S shape up and down to the back. Leave a space between the lower part of the body. And at the very back of the body, draw a tail full of feathers.

4. Draw leg.

We will draw two legs on the blank part of the lower body. Draw the first leg with two straight lines. Make the toes under the feet. Then draw the second leg In folded.

5. Draw wings.

Draw wings on the body of the flamingo. Make feathers by making many English letter ‘V’ shapes on the body. And draw the V shapes very close together.

6. Color Body.

We will give pink color on the body of the flamingo. Give pink color on the head and neck. Even, do pink color on the feathers and tail.

7. Color the lower part of the legs and beak.

Give brown color on the lower part of the beak. And also give a brown color to the feet. Do not make the brown color too Dark.

8. Color upper part of the eye and beak and highlight it.

We will color the upper part of the beak yellow. Give dark black color above the eyeball. Finally, we’ll highlight Flamingo’s picture very nicely with a black marker pen. After highlighting our drawing is completed.

Flamingo Drawing By 8 Easy Steps Is Now Complete