Fox Drawing Easy By 10 Easy Steps

Fox Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw face shape.

First, take the drawing paper. Draw the margin evenly around the drawing paper. Then draw a round face shape in the middle part of the drawing paper.

2. Draw eyes frame.

Make the eye frame by making a U shape very nicely inside the circle. Draw the lowest part of the U shape outside the circle.

3. Draw eyes and ears.

To draw the eyes of the fox, make two circle shapes. Draw two ears on both sides of the head very nicely. Make both the inner and outer parts of the ear.

4. Draw leg.

Draw the front and back legs of the fox very nicely. The fox is sitting peacefully on the field. Make the fox picture in this pose.

5. Draw the backside and tail.

Make the back side of the fox with a curved line. Then make the tail with two S-shaped lines. Draw the hair with the zigzag line in the middle of the tail.

6. Draw sun, clouds, and trees.

Make many small and dense trees with curved lines on the back of the fox. And make a round sun and cloud in the sky above the fox’s head.

7. Color the fox’s body.

Give brown color to the body of the fox. And do brown color the outside of the mouth and ears. Then give a brown color to the lower part of the tail and leave the upper part blank.

8. Color the inside of the ears, eyes, and legs.

To color the inner part of the fox’s ears, give the dark black color. Give dark black color to the eyes of the fox. Then paint dark black on the front and back legs.

9. Color sun, grass, and little tree.

Make grass with a light green color. Give green color to small trees too. Do very light blue colors on clouds. Give the sun dark yellow color.

10. Highlight the picture.

Finally, highlight the picture of the fox very nicely with a black marker pen. Then highlight the clouds, sun, and small trees. After highlighting our drawing is completed. Hope you have also drawn the picture of the fox very easily by following our tutorial.

Fox Drawing Easy By 10 Easy Steps Is Now Complete