Independance Day Drawing Ideas

Happy Independance Day

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Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

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Step 1 : Draw a person.

First, take a drawing paper. Draw the margin evenly around the drawing paper. Now draw a man. Draw the man’s arms and legs as if he is standing holding something.

Step 2 : Draw another person.

Draw another man in front of the first man. Similarly, he is holding something. It will seem that they both are holding the same thing very hard.

Step 3 : Draw the rod.

Draw the rod between the two people’s hands. Make the rod thick and from bottom to top. Both hold the rod tightly.

Step 4 : Draw the flag.

At the top of the rod draw the flag with the help of curved lines. Draw the flag on the left side of the rod. In the centre of the flag make the circle of Ashoka Chakra. Make the flag as if it were blowing in the wind.

Step 5 : Draw a helicopter.

Draw a helicopter on the right side of the flag. Pull a small line down the helicopter and draw two people on the line. Two men hanging on a rope to fight.

Step 6 :  Draw the sun and the aeroplane.

To draw the sun, draw a circle. Make a fighter plane in front of the sun. Draw the wings and head of the fighter plane very nicely. Fighter airplanes are coming for the fight.

Step 7 : Color the two peoples

To color the two people, we will use dark black color. Give the dark black color on two people’s whole bodies.

Step 8 : Color the airplanes and helicopters.

Give the dark black color on top of fighter planes and helicopters. Do the same color on the bottom of the helicopter, the rope, and the human body.

Step 9 : Make the grass.

Make grass around the place where the two people are standing with the help of a pencil. Draw very fine lines from bottom to top. Make it very thick as if the grass is a forest.

Step 10 : Color the flag.

Lightly color the top and bottom of the flag with a pencil. Make the middle part lighter in color than the top and bottom of the flag. Do not give any color separately in Ashoka Chakra.

Step 11 : Color the sky.

Lightly color the sky with a pencil. Do not use very dark pencil color. There will be no different colors in the sun, give the same pencil color.

Step 12 : Make lines of birds, smoke, and Ashoka chakra.

Make the lines inside Ashoka Chakra very nicely. Then draw the smoke behind the airplane by using dark black color. Use black color to the left of the sun and the right of the flag, make many birds.