Gian Drawing from Doraemon step-by-step for Kids or Beginners

Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw the margins.

First, we will take the white paper. We will pull the margin around the white paper.

2. Draw Gian’s eyes, nose, and eyebrows.

Draw two small circles to draw Gian’s two eyes. Then draw eyebrows above the eyes.

3. Gian Face Drawing

The shape of Gian’s face is round. The stars in Gian’s eyes will draw in two angry poses.

4. Draw Gian’s hands and body.

Gian is the strongest Doraemon cartoon. So, we will draw his two hands very thick. Draw Gian’s body too thick.

5. Draw Gian’s shirt design, hand fists, and legs.

Gian clenched his fists with his fingers, doing to hit someone. Draw Gian’s two fists well.

6. Color the shirts.

We will use orange color to dye Gian’s shirts. Just leave the design space blank and paint the whole shirt orange color.

7. Paint the design of the clothes and the fists.

Gian’s shirt design will be brown watercolor. Do the same brown watercolor in the fists of both hands.

8. Paint Gian’s face, ear, hair, and pants.

Now, we will paint Gian’s face and ear. Give the brown color to Gian’s face and ear. Use light brown on Gian’s face.

9. Finalize Gian Drawing

Pull the small curved line on Gian’s mouth with a black marker pen. Give the black color in the eye star.