Goddess Durga Drawing In 17 Steps

Goddess Durga Picture Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw face structure of Goddess Durga.

First, take a drawing paper. To prevent the drawing paper from moving, put the drawing paper on the cardboard and apply sellotape. Make the face shape of Durga almost round. Then draw three eyes very nicely. After drawing the eyes, draw the mouth and nose.

2. Draw hair and eyebrows.

Draw the Durga’s left side hair very fine. Make the hair on the right side so that it rests on the neck. Make it very fine and thick. Then draw eyebrows above two eyes.

3. Draw the main two hands.

First, draw the left hand. Draw the four fingers on one side and the thumb finger on one side, leaving space between the fingers. Then draw the right hand over the left hand. Both hands should be on the left side.

4. Draw four hands on the left.

Now, we will draw four hands on the left side of Devi Durga. We must follow the upper picture when we draw the hands of Devi Durga. We maintain the hand position of Devi Durga following the upper picture otherwise your drawing can be looked bad.

5. Draw the dress and four hands on the right side.

In the same way, draw the hands on the right side one by one. We will also slowly draw the right arm by following step number 4.

6. Draw the lower body, the dress, and the bow.

First, draw a bow with the help of curved lines on Durga’s ninth hand. Then draw the waist part of Durga very nicely with curved lines. Draw one leg up and one leg down. Make the left leg ‘V’ shape, as this leg will be on top. The right leg will be down. Make the dress very nicely on the waist and the dress will hang down to the leg.

7. Draw arrows and horns.

Draw the arrow in the tenth hand of Debi Durga. Make triangles shape at the top and bottom part of the arrow. With the help of two curved lines, draw the Horn on both sides, keeping both sides of the lower legs of Goddess Durga slightly blank. The right horn will be held by Goddess Durga firsthand.

8. Draw the buffalo head and the trident.

Draw the buffalo’s head to look almost like a triangle. Goddess Durga’s leg will be on the buffalo’s head. Then draw two eyes of the buffalo and draw circles to draw eyeballs. Draw the ears on both sides of the head.

9. Put masking tape.

Now, Place masking tape around the margins of the white paper. Do not place masking tape anywhere other than the margins.

10. Color the skin.

Color the skin very well on Devi Durga. This skin color will color the entire body of Goddess Durga except for her weapons and dress.

11. Do the background color.

Leaving the drawing part, We will give dark red color to the remaining part. Be careful not to use red color in the drawing.

12. Color the dress and weapons.

Use yellow color on each weapon in Durga’s hands. We will give dark green color to the dress of the upper part of the Durga body.

13. Color the hair.

We will paint dark black color on Devi Durga’s hair. Goddess Durga’s hair falls down to her neck and waist. So, use black color till the waist.

14. Color the saree.

We will give red color to Goddess Durga’s saree from the neck to the waist and from the waist to the feet. Goddess Durga looks very beautiful in a red saree.

15. Color Goddess Durga’s face.

Make three eyes, eyebrows, and nose of Durga with a black marker pen. Give the red color on the lips. Then give red color on the bottom of the feet.

16. Color the Trident, buffalo head, and horn.

Do dark black color to the Trident. Use ash color on the buffalo head. Give ash color above the ears. We will give dark black color to the two horns. Keep the eyes of the buffalo blank.

17. Remove the masking tape and color the mace, bow, buffalo eyes, and nose.

First, remove the masking tape. Then we will paint the mace yellow. Color the bow black. Color the eyeballs of the buffalo blue and the edges of the eyes red. Give the black color to the buffalo nose. Finally, give a light yellow color to the back of Durga’s head. Now our Goddess Durga drawing is completed. Hope you have finished drawing too.

Goddess Durga drawing is almost complete