Happy New Year 2023 Drawing By 12 Easy Steps

Let's Draw

New Year 2023 Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw ‘2’.

First, take a drawing paper. Place the drawing paper on the pitch board and put masking tape on the four corners. Draw margins evenly around the drawing paper. TNew Year 2023 draw the number ‘2’. Make the number ‘2’ thickly, and design above and below.

2. Write ‘Happy New Year’.

Now, write the word ‘Happy New Year 2023’ above the number ‘2’. We wrote with a pencil. If you want, you can write the word ‘Happy New Year 2023’ very beautifully by designing it as you like.

3. Draw a box and hat.

Make a rectangular box around the word ‘Happy New Year 2023’. TNew Year 2023 we will make a small circle in the lower right corner of the box. At the bottom of the circle, draw the hat by designing it with curved lines.

4. Draw the upper part of the snowman.

We will make the round-shape snowman’s head below the hat. TNew Year 2023 draw the eyes by creating two circular shapes. And to draw the nose, make another circle under the eyes. TNew Year 2023 draw the muffler on the neck. After drawing the muffler, draw the two arms of the snowman.

5. Draw the bottom part of the snowman

Now, draw the lower body of the snowman. And make an ice shape with curved lines on the lower part of his body. To make the stick, Pull two straight lines bottom from the middle of the rectangular box. The stick is holding the snowman To bring happiness in the New Year 2023.

6. Redraw ‘2’.

Just to the right of the snowman, redraw 2. Just as you drew it before. Redrawing ‘2’ is very easy for kids. Snowman has the number ‘2’ on the left side and ‘2’ on the right side.

7. Write ‘3’.

Now write the number ‘3’, the number that is going to come in our New Year 2023. Make the top and bottom of the number ‘3’ almost identical with curved lines. Hope the little kids draw the number ‘3’ very easily.

8. Color the left part of the box.

We will make the edge of the left part of the box dark color with a pencil. TNew Year 2023 we will give the light pencil color above the box from the edge to the right.

9. Color the first number ‘2’ and hat.

Above the first number ‘2’, we will do the dark color of the pencil. TNew Year 2023 we’ll give the snowman’s hat the same dark pencil color. While coloring, take care that the color does not go to the edge.

10. Color the muffler and snowman’s body.

Above the throat muffler with a darker pencil color and do light pencil color on the lower muffler from the throat. TNew Year 2023 give the light pencil color to the snowman’s entire body. To draw buttons, make small circles in the middle of the body.

11. Color ‘2’ and ‘3’.

As before, we will do a dark pencil color over ‘2’ and ‘3’. For kids, coloring with pencils is very easy. Kids while coloring, make sure to leave the edges of each numbered blank.

12. Color eyes, buttons, and the edge of the number.

Finally, color the edges of each number with a black marker pen. TNew Year 2023 we’ll color in the snowman’s buttons and eyes with a black marker pen. And color with the pencil at the very bottom of the picture. Now our New Year 2023 2023 arrival picture drawing is done. Hopefully, little kids follow our steps very easily, they also completed the drawing.

Happy New Year 2023 Drawing By 12 Easy Steps Is Now Complete