How to Draw a Cake in 6 easy steps 

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. First, draw two squares.

First, Draw a square shape on the bellow side of the drawing paper like a plate. Then draw another square on the bellow square following the upper picture.r

2. Make a curved line and eyes.

We draw a curved line of the upper square. And then we draw two circular cute eyes. The curved line identifies the cream on the cake. And the eyes identify that the cake survives. Hope you know that how to draw a cake.

3. Draw a candle and mouth.

First, we draw a candle on the cake. And then draw fire on the top of the candle. Draw a mouth and tongue following the upper. Look our line drawing of the cake is almost complete. Here we learn cake drawing is easy for kids. Now we start to color it step by step easily.

4. Color cream and candle.

First, we color the cream pink then color a candle blue. We can paint different colors of the candle and the cake. If you do then you can send us your drawing via Facebook, WhatsApp, And Instagram. Here you have a clear idea of how to draw a cake. Show Less

5. Color the eyes and tongue.

Color the eyes black. It looks as if the eyes are looking down. Then color the tongue red. Looking at the tongue, it will seem that the cake is very tasty. Our cake drawing with colour for kids is almost complete. Now 1 more step is left to complete the tutorial.

6. Paint the fire and make love signs.

We color the fire and the flame orange. Then we color red or pink love sign.

Cake  Drawing Is Now Cpmplete