How to Draw a Dog in 8 easy steps

Dog Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Tissue paper

1. Draw the hair and ears of the dog.

We will take the drawing paper first. We will draw the margins evenly around the drawing paper. Then we will create the shape of the dog’s head. The head is semicircular in shape. And draw hair by making grooves on the head. Draw the dog’s two ears on the right and left sides of the head.

2. Draw the nose, mouth, and tongue of the dog.

We will connect both sides by drawing the curved line on both sides from the end of the semicircle. We will make grooves on the dog’s cheeks and draw the hair. Then we will draw the dog’s mouth. And draw the dog’s tongue inside the mouth to look like a leaf. We will draw the dog’s nose by making a triangle shape on the mouth

3. Draw the dog’s eyes and eyebrows.

To draw the eyes, we will make two round shapes. To draw the outer part of the eye, we will again draw a circle on the drawn circle. Draw eyebrows by drawing a curved line on the outside of the eye. Do the work same with two eyes. At the end draw a big circle again over the right eye and eyebrows. Because the right eye is a little different from the left eye

4. Now draw the body, legs, and tail of the dog.

We will draw a curved line on the back of the dog’s neck and from both sides. To draw the dog’s belly and back. Make a U-shaped design on the dog’s back. Add two curved lines at the end to draw the tail. Then draw two legs of the dog in the front part and draw three toes of each foot by drawing small lines. Do the same work with the behind legs as with the front legs

5. Color the dog’s ears.

We will use the color pencil to color the dog’s ears. Darken the color of the pencil on the dog’s two ears

6. Color the inside of the dog’s mouth, tail, back design, and part over the eyes.

We will color the part over the eyes light black in color with a pencil. We will do the same color with the inside part of the mouth, the design of the back, and the pencil on the tail. The color is light black, not too dark

7. Paint the dog’s eyes, eyeballs, legs, and nose.

To color the dog’s eyes, we’ll do a darker black color. Give white color to the eyeballs. Paint the outer part of the eye white. We will use black color very light on the legs.

8. Highlight border the dog picture.

We will draw the line again above the line drawn by the dog to highlight it. Highlight the grooves of the dog’s legs well. Light black color on the legs. After highlighting each part beautifully, our drawing and coloring are completed

Dog Sketch draw is complete