How to Draw a Dragon? Easy Dragon Drawing tutorial for Kids

Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Pink, Green, Yellow, Red Color.

1. Draw the margin.

Margins should be leveled around. Draw the margin by keeping half an inch around to equalize the margin. First, take a clean white paper.

2. First, draw the head and chest of the dragon.

The body structure of the dragon looks a lot like the English number ‘1’. His head was long and slender, with two very high noses in front of his head.

3. Draw two ears on the head.

First, We will draw two ‘sheep-like ears’ on either side of the Dragon’s head. Then draw a small tail on the back, and draw small legs.

4. Draw wings and high and low thorns on the back.

Draw two very sharp horns in front of the head. If anyone is beaten with this horn, he will die.

5. Draw a picture of the dragon’s hands, stomach, and teeth.

We will draw a semi-circle under the dragon’s face. Whatever happens to his stomach. Then draw a small hand right next to the abdomen.

6. Paint the body of the dragon.

We will paint the body of the dragon. To color, the body, each of you will use the color green.

7. Color the rest of the white parts of the dragon a rose.

Use pink to color the dragon’s belly. And paint each thorn of the dragon pink. The pink color should not go out of the outline.

8. Draw eye teeth and shadows while highlighting the outline.

The pink and green colors make the dragon look very beautiful and cool. But in reality, we have seen in many movies how terrible the dragon is.