How To Draw a Flamingo in 7 easy steps

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box.

1. Draw the English alphabet letter ‘S’ in capital letters.

First, we have to draw the English alphabet letter S in capital letters to make the body structure of the flamingo.

2. Draw the full body structure of the flamingo.

First, we make the body and then draw two long legs following the upper picture. We will try to draw the figure of the flamingo just like the picture above.Because the better Flamingo’s figure, the more beautiful the picture

3. Give a Look to This Picture Like Flamingo.

FiWe draw a long hair over the head. Draw a long beak just in front of the head. And draw a round eye in the middle of the head. Then we draw the curly wings of the flamingo

4. Color the whole body of the flamingo.

We will paint the whole flamingo light pink. Almost all body colors will be pink except for legs, lips, and comb.

5. Color the Hair, Legs, Beak of the flamingo.

First, we color the flamingo’s hair. The upper part of the hair will be redder and the lower part will be light red. Then we color the beak and legs. The color of the legs of the flamingo will be yellow. And the upper part of the buck’s lips will be yellow and the lower part will be orange. If you want to make the family picture more beautiful and attractive, you can give it a shade of red like the picture above. If you find it difficult to shade, don’t do it.

6. Color the eyes and highlight the border.

We will take a black sketch paint pen and first draw the flamingo eye with it then highlight the outline of the picture with that pen.

7. Make a scenery outside of flamingo.

First, we will build a pond around a flamingo with a blue color. Then we will draw some bushes towards the horizon with green color

 Draw a Flamingo in 7 easy steps is now complete 

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