How to Draw a Rose – Rose Drawing Step by Step

Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser

Draw a large flower petal

First, we need to draw a nice margin around the white page with the help of scale. Then draw a large rose petal in the middle of the white page.

Draw other petals next to the first petal

Draw a different petal, exactly the same, next to the first one. Then draw small petals curved towards the top of the flower.

Draw the flower stalk

We will draw a small flower stalk just below the flower. Then We will draw the origin of the stalk behind the active leaf.

Start shedding roses.

Drawing this picture is a very fun job. The picture is easy to draw so you don’t need any color. You can color this picture with the same rules that you used to draw this picture.

Shedding of the first petals of the rose flower

Paint the first petals very carefully and slowly. Shading should be done in a small line from the bottom of the flower.

Paint the petals on the top of the flower.

It is very easy to paint flower petals. You can color the petals of others as you like.

Shade the flower Stalk and the leaf under the flower

Thoughtfully paint the flower stalks. The stalk of the rose flower stands on the thorns.