How to Draw a Seahorse Step by Step – Easy Drawing For Kids

Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box

Step 1 : Take a drawing paper and pencil, then draw the margin of four sides of the drawing paper.

First, take a white drawing paper. Then draw the margins around the white drawing paper with a pencil and scale.

Step 2 : Draw out the figure.

First, draw the snout of the seahorse. It will be a lot like a funnel. Then draw the head, back, tail and belly.

Step 3 : Draw the seahorse’s coronet and dorsal fin.

First, we draw a crooked wave-shaped coronet from head to back. Then we draw a dorsal fin in the shape of a lot of cone shape on the back of the seahorse.

Step 4 : Draw the seahorse’s eyes.

In this step, we draw the seahorse’s eyes. The eyes of the seahorse will be a circle shape. Then we drew the seahorse’s eyelids.

Step 5 : Give some designs in the seahorse’s picture.

First, we draw a number of semicircular designs from the seahorse’s head to tail. Then we give some circle shape designs on the coronet and the dorsal fin.

Step 6 : First color the seahorse’s back.

First, take the violet color and give it to the seahorse’s back. Remember we put deep violet color on the border side and light on another side.

Step 7 : Color the seahorse’s belly, coronet, and design.

Now we color the seahorse’s belly red. And also color the coronet. Remember when we color the coronet, we put deep red color on the inner side and be lighter on the outside.

Step 8 : Color the design on the coronet.

Put the blue dot on the coronet’s design. And also give a blue color dot on the inner side design. Also, put some black dots on the coronet.

Step 9 : Color the dorsal fin.

Take the violet color and shade on the dorsal fin like the above figure. And design the font of the fin with pink and blue color.

Step 10 : Highlight the border with a black sketch.

Take a black sketch and highlight the border. Then draw some parallel lines on the belly to look more beautiful in our drawing.

Step 11 : Color the sea and make some water bubble.

Draw some bubbles behind the seahorse. You can draw different types of shapes and color them blue. Then draw the sea environment with blue color.

Seahorse Drawing is Complete