Jacqueline Fernandez Sketch In 9 Easy Steps

Jacqueline Fernandez Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Tissue paper

1. Draw Jacqueline’s face outline structure.

At first, we draw Jacqueline’s face outline structure. Draw the structure of Jacqueline’s face in such a way that it looks like Jacqueline.

2. Draw Jacqueline’s eyes.

First, draw Jacqueline’s left eye. Then draw the right eye. Draw the eyes stretched and narrowed. Then draw a beautiful nose at the bottom..

3. Draw Jacqueline’s lips and ear.

We will draw Jacqueline’s beautiful lips just below the nose. We will draw an ear to the left, gently drawing the nose under the eyes. Finally, below the neck, we draw the shoulders.

4. Draw the hair and the head.

We will draw Jacqueline’s head beautifully over her eyebrow. Draw hair on the back of the head. This time we will give the shading to her drawing.

5. Draw hair on her head.

We will draw hair on her head with the help of rules. Draw the hair on the head one by one. Remember, the hair should go from the bottom to the top.

6. Draw Jacqueline’s eyes and eyebrows.

This time we will shade Jacqueline’s eyes. Give the eyeball a little more black color. Give a very light black color on both sides of the eyeball. Apply more black color to the eyebrows above the eyes.

7. Shade the hair on the back of the head, nose, and lips.

Draw the hair in a long curly line on the back of the head. Dye her hair first with the help of a light rule and then with a more black rule. With the help of a little black color inside the lips, explain the teeth and mouth. Give a light black shade to the nack.

8. Shade Jacqueline’s clothes.

Shade the outside of the shirt a little more black. Give a light black color in the middle of the shirt. Shade with the mind in a very beautiful way.

9. Write Jacqueline’s name on her hand.

Finally, write Jacqueline’s name on her hand. Write a little thought, so that the spelling is not wrong. Thank you so much for drawing the whole picture with us.

Jacqueline Fernandez Sketch Is Redy Now