How to make Doraemon Drawing in 7 easy steps

Doraemon Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw Doraemon’s eyes.

First, we will take the white paper. Draw the margins evenly around on white paper. We will draw Doraemon’s eyes after drawing Margina. Draw the two eyes very close. The eyes will be round in shape.

2. Draw the head and the face.

We will draw Doraemon’s head almost round. Draw Doraemon’s mouth with the help of curved lines. And draw the tongue inside the mouth. Then draw the nose under both eyes. Draw small circles to draw the nose.

3. Draw Doraemon’s hands, belly, and neck bells.

We will draw a round bell on Doraemon’s neck. Then we will make the shape of Doraemon’s belly. And we’ll draw a semicircular pocket on Doraemon’s belly. Then we will draw Doraemon’s two hands. Draw Doraemon’s right hand up and left hand down.

4. Draw Doraemon’s legs, hair, and eyeball.

We will draw Doraemon’s two legs with the help of the curved line. And we will draw hair on Doraemon’s nose with a straight line. Three hairs on the right side of the nose and three hairs on the left side. We will draw small round eyeballs inside Doraemon’s eyes.

5. Color the Doraemon’s head and body.

We will give blue color to Doraemon’s head. We will do the same blue color on the hands and body. Do not give any color to the belly.

6. Color the Doraemon’s neck ribbon, head, and nose.

Color the Doraemon’s neck ribbon with red color. We will color the tongue red inside Doraemon’s mouth and the nose red in color.

7. Highlight it and paint Doraemon’s neck bell, eyeballs, and floor.

We will color the eyeballs black. We will give yellow color to Doraemon’s neck bell. We will thicken Doraemon’s drawing lines with a black marker pen. Then we will paint the floor light blue. After coloring, our drawing is complete. When our drawing is complete, we hope your drawing will be completed very easily.

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