Indian Flag Drawing in 8 easy steps 

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box.

1. Draw straight lines.

First, we take white drawing paper and a pencil. And draw margins around four sides of the paper. Draw two parallel lines which are straight. The two straight lines also look like long sticks for our Indian flag drawing. When we draw it, try to straighten the line as much as possible. We can use the straight scale to make the lines..

2. Make stairs.

This time we drew Stairs under the stick. The lower staircase will be the largest, the middle staircase a little smaller, and the upper staircase be the smallest. We can draw more stairs but I draw three stairs. If you draw more stairs, you send me your drawing on my social media

3. Draw the Flag.

Now we will draw the flag on the top of the stick. There are three parts to the Flag. The Ashoka Chakra is in the middle of the flag at once. In Ashoka Chakra, there are 24 lines. But we draw 8 lines. If you draw it on the exam, must give 24 lines in Ashoka Chakra. We completed the Indian flag drawing for kids, now it’s time to fill it with color. I have drawn the national flag in such a way that it looks like the flag is flying. You can draw a straight flag

4. Draw curved lines.

This time we will draw three-wave playing levels, the flag down at once. When we will draw the curved lines, try to make parallel the lines

5. Color the flag.

We know, the Indian Flag has three colors. Deep saffron (Kesari), White, and Green. First, we take a deep saffron color pencil and paint the top part of the Indian Flag. Then we color the bottom part of the Indian flag green. This is the important part of Indian Flag Drawing for kids

6. Color the Ashoka Chakra.

We will give blue color in Ashoka Chakra. The Ashoka Chakra usually looks a lot like the wheels of a vehicle. We will color the flagstick brown.

7. Color the waves.

We colored the Indian Flag Drawing stairs like flags. We colored orange on top, white on the middle, and green on the bottom. We painted any part of the wave below the picture orange, white, and green like the flag. When we color the stairs the color will be lighter from left to right, And waves be lighter from top to bottom

8. Write “Happy Independence Day 15th August”.

Now, we will write ” HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY ” with oil pastel. First, we will write “HAPPY” with red color, below that we will write “INDEPENDENCE” in blue, then write “DAY” with green color. After writing Happy Independence Day, we will write “15th AUGUST” below it. The color of “15th” will be red and “AUGUST” will be green. Then give shadow under the text

Indian Flag Drawing in 8 easy steps is npow complete