Kitty Cat Drawing In 9 Easy steps

Kitty Cat Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Make the shape of the kitty cat’s head and ears.

First, we will take the white paper, and then draw the margins evenly around the white paper. To draw the cat’s head, we will make an oval shape. Then we will draw two triangular ears on the head

2. Draw the face.

We will draw the mouth with the curved line of the cat. Then draw the nose by making a small circle a little above the mouth. And then draw eyes by making two semicircles. We will draw eyebrows with the help of curved lines on the eyes. To draw the dress, Pull down two diagonal lines from the head.

3. Draw the cat’s legs and hands.

Add two diagonal lines below the head. Draw the cat’s two legs. And draw the cat’s hands very nicely. Then draw small lines on both hands of the cat to show part of the dress.

4. Draw the flowers, hair, and eyeballs.

We will draw Cat Whiskers. And draw the eyeballs. We will very nicely draw flowers near the cat’s right ear. Then draw ribbons with two curved lines at the middle of the dress and draw a flower on the right.

5. Color the dress.

We will give pink color to the dresses. Leave the ribbon and flower blank

6. Color the head flowers, and legs.

We will give pink color to the dresses. Leave the ribbon and flower blank

7. Color the eyes and dress design.

We will give black color to the eyeball, and make some white dots to make the eyes more attractive. Then we will give dark red color to the ribbons and flowers of the dress design.

8. Paint the nose and hands. And dense lines.

We will give yellow colour to the cat’s hands and nose. Then we will dense the cat whiskers with a black marker pen. We will thicken each line of the drawing again with the marker pen.

9. Make the sign of love.

We will make the symbol of love with help of red color on the right and left sides of the cat’s head. On the floor where the cat is standing, I’ll do a light green color. After coloring our picture is complete. We hope you have completed the drawing and coloring of the cat.

Kitty Cat Drawing is now complete