Lord Krishna Drawing and Color – Lord Krishna Half-Face Drawing

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Capturing Divinity in Every Stroke – Unveiling Serenity with Lord Krishna's Half-Face Drawing and Color

Image Source: Unsplash

Requirement Materials -

White paper, Pencil, Pencil sharpener, Eraser, Color Box, Tissue paper

Image Source: Unsplash

Let's make a flute! Get paper, use a pencil to draw 2 lines up and down. Connect them at the bottom, like a flute. Easy, right?

Draw a turban for Krishna! Above the flute, make 5 curvy lines to the right. Leave spaces, and it'll look like his turban with cool folds!

Krishna sketched: turban blends with flute, expressive features, earrings, flowing hair, peacock feather crown—circle, love symbol, lines to flute. Cool, right?

Make your drawing pop! Use a black pen for flute designs. Color turban orange and half lips too. Be careful, it's fun!

Color Krishna's face: orange circle on forehead, half-circle above. Light blue eyelid, neck; yellow above earrings. Choose colors, but these suit our Lord Krishna.

Time for Krishna's hair! Grab your pencil, draw lots of tiny lines where hair is. Many small lines make it smooth. Easy, right?

Let's color Krishna's special flute! Use brown, make it darker in the design. This flute sounds so beautiful, enchanting everyone in the world.

Color Krishna's feathers: blue on symbol, white circle. Green and blue lines outside for feathers. Admire your beautiful drawing!