Janmashtami Drawing in 12 Steps

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

Janmashtami Drawing Requirement Materials

First, take a drawing paper. Draw the margin evenly around the drawing paper. Make the pot very nicely almost spherical, and bend the mouth part.

1. Draw The pot shape.

Pull the line from one end to the other on the pot to create a design. Be sure to leave some space between each line.

2. Make some design.

Make the butter with the curve on the mouth of the pot. The pot is beautifully filled with butter. To design the bottom of the pot, draw circles. 

3. Draw the butter and make more designs.

On the right side of the pot, we will draw peacock feathers very beautifully. The wing looks like a leaf. Make the groove on the edge of the feather.

4. Draw the peacock feather.

Draw two straight lines to draw the flutes under the pot. then draw small circles to draw the tuning holes. Design by drawing a straight line on the left edge of the flute.

5. Draw a flute.

Use brown color in the empty space of the pot. Leave the design part and give the rest of the brown color.

6. Color the blank space of the pot.

Color the first semi-circle black, the middle semi-circle blank, and the rest yellow. Give the same color to the top and bottom design of the middle part of the pot.

7. Color the design.

To color the inside of the feathers, first give blue color, then red color on top of the blue. Then we will give the yellow color on the outer part of the feather very nicely.

8. Paint peacock feathers.

Now we will give green color on yellow color. As you have used yellow color, give green color in the same way.

9. Give green color over the yellow color.

Make white color in butter. Give brown color to the flute. Keep the flute designs blank and do not give any color.

10. Color the butter and flute.

Use blue color in the design in the blank space of the flute. Darken the blue color. To the right of the flute, paint the small circles red, yellow, and blue.

11. Color the design of the flute.

With the help of a black marker pen, make each line of the pot thicker. Thicken the designs very nicely. After thickening, this picture will become our highlight.

12. Highlight the Janmashtami picture.

Lord Krishna Theme Drawing