Lord Krishna Drawing In 7 Steps

Let's Draw

Lord Krishna Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Make the upper structure of Lord Krishna.

We will make the upper part of Lord Krishna. Make Lord Krishna’s hair almost triangular, using curved lines. Then draw a beautiful flute. He is standing holding the flute. Draw the back with two curved lines.

2. Complete the structure of Lord Krishna.

Draw the leg of Lord Krishna in a very beautiful pose. Then draw the dress of Lord Krishna from shoulders down to the leg.

3. Make the background.

Lord Krishna will be in a circle. But don’t give any color inside the circle. Color the edges of the circle one by one. First, give purple, then light blue, then deep blue, and finally dark black color.

4. Rub the color.

Now rub each color well with tissue paper. After rubbing the paint, the background becomes fantastic. We must follow the video tutorial of Lord Krishna's theme drawing when rubbing the background. If you rub the color incorrectly, the picture will look bad.

5. Color the inside the circle.

Use yellow color to color inside the circle. We will lighten the yellow color. Take care that the yellow color does not go outside the outline or on Lord Krishna.

6. Color Lord Krishna.

To color Lord Krishna’s entire body, use dark black color. Lord Krishna’s dress and flute will give black color to everything. Make small grass and flowers near the leg of Lord Krishna.

7. Remove the masking tape.

Finally, remove the masking tape on the drawing paper. After removing the masking tape, our drawing will be completed. See how easy it is to draw Lord Krishna by following the steps.

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