lord-Vishwakarma-picture-drawing In 13 Steps

Vishwakarma Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Make shape of a crown.

First, take the drawing paper. Draw margins evenly around the drawing paper. We will make the circle shape and the lower part of the circle will be left blank. Make a triangle on top of the circle. Then make a semicircle inside that circle upwards. Finally, draw two lines downwards from the semicircle.

2. Draw face and hands.

Now, we will join the blank part with curved lines to make the shape of the face. Then draw two hands on both sides very nicely. Draw both hands similarly.

3. Draw two hands, body, and legs again.

We will draw two hands again in the same way as the previous two hands. Draw above the previous two hands. Then we will make the shape of the body very nicely with curved lines. Draw one leg down and one leg up of Vishwakarma. Make the left leg down and the right leg up very nicely as if sitting.

4. Draw an elephant.

Now we will draw the elephant under Lord Vishwakarma’s deity very beautifully. First, draw the elephant’s head and draw large ears on either side of the head. Then draw the trunk with curved lines and draw two teeth on either side of the trunk. Then draw two legs of the elephant with three straight lines. And draw the toes by making some small circles on the leg.

5. Draw the body, legs, tail, and weapons.

Draw the upper part of the elephant’s body as if Vishwakarma is sitting on the elephant. Then draw a curved line for the tail and a bunch of hair at the end of the tail. Draw the two back legs in the same way as the two front legs. Now, on the left side, draw the hammer in the upper hand and the ax in the lower hand. Then on the right side, draw a bow in the upper hand and a balance machine in the lower hand.

6. Draw the face parts.

Draw Lord Vishwakarma’s eyes and eyebrows very nicely with the pencil. Then make the nose and the mouth very nicely.

7. Make the dress.

Now make the very beautiful dress with help of a pencil on Vishwakarma’s body. Design the dress and draw the dress on the back. Make a round bangle with a pencil at the place of the wrist on the hand.

8. Make the hair and design the crown.

Make thick hair from Vishwakarma’s head to neck with a pencil. Then design the edge of the crown with small lines to make it look like a sun.

9. Color the body and weapons.

Use a very light color with a pencil on Vishwakarma’s body. Give the dark color of the pencil to the weapons. Then make the dress with a pencil on the legs by drawing fine lines.

10. Color the elephant.

First, make the elephant’s eyes very nicely with dark black color. Then lightly color the entire body of the elephant with a pencil.

11. Make an elephant dress.

Design the dress of the front part of the elephant by making small circles from the head to the trunk. Then make a very beautiful and carefully designed dress from neck to back. Make the round shape foot bouquet on the legs.

12. Make the soil.

Now make the high-low ground with a pencil. On this ground, the elephant stands with Vishwakarma on its back.

13. Color the background.

Finally, with the help of pencil, we will color the background very nicely. Lightly color the back of Vishwakarma with the pencil. After coloring the background, our drawing is completed. We hope you have also made the picture with us.

Vishwakarma’s drawing is almost complete.