Love Birds Scenery Drawing Easy – Oil Pastel Drawing Tutorial

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Capturing Love in Color: A Simple Symphony of Love Birds in Oil Pastels

Image Source: Unsplash

Requirement Materials -

White paper, Pencil, Pencil sharpener, Eraser, Color Box, Tissue paper

Image Source: Unsplash

Get masking tape, like sticky magic tape. Put it on your paper edges for a frame. Make a circle in the middle using tape. That's where the moon goes!

Choose your favorite pink crayon and color around the tape circle. Pretend you're painting a pink circle above the middle one. It's the start of a beautiful night sky!

Use purple next! Make a ring around the pink circle, like a target. Add more pink around the purple. Imagine creating colorful rings in the sky!

Take dark blue crayon, fill the whole paper. Color everything, just like a night sky. Imagine you're painting the whole sky in beautiful dark blue!

Rub colors with tissue, peel off tape. Behold! A lovely sky, as if the moonlit night painted a beautiful scene.

Take a black marker. Draw two love birds in front of the moon. Make them face each other, having a sweet chat under the moonlight.

Make it even prettier! Draw cute flowers on branches with yellow. Use more colors if you like. Add stars in the sky by dotting with white. It's a sparkling night!

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