Make Coronavirus Poster in 9 easy steps 

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

Put masking tape on white paper.

We will first take a white paper and put masking tape around the drawing paper. Now we put circular masking tape in the paper. We put a total of 7 circular shapes on the paper. The six circles will be in two straight lines three by three and the two straight lines will be parallel to each other.

Paint the white paper.

Use the Color of red and pink around the middle circular shape. The area around the remaining masking steps uses green color to make a virus scene.

Take off the masking tape.

Now we will pick up the masking tapes carefully.

Draw pictures of coronavirus and equipment required for safety.

Draw the picture of the coronavirus in the middle. Draw pictures of different symbols to protect from the covid virus in the parallel circle. Cooking, avoiding animals, putting on face masks, washing hands well, keeping distance between people, and putting hands on face. By following these rules, we can protect ourselves from viruses.

Paint the drawing picture for protection.

Do light blue color in the cooking place. Paint each of the remaining spaces yellow. Give the light blue color to animals and hands. Draw a line between the animal and the hand. Third, color the mask white, body light blue, and black hair. Fourthly, use the color light blue in the water and light pink in the hands. Fifth, give a border to the sick body with red and healthy light blue and red color in the middle. Sixth, do the same color on the human skin as before. Brown color in hand, give it darker.

Paint the coronavirus.

Give green color to the body of Coronavirus. Give the antenna green color. Paint the remaining spaces yellow. Color the remaining circle following the upper figure step by step

Border and highlight the drawing.

We will make a ban sign on the middle circle by highlighting black color. And also highlight other circles with black color.

Write the real meaning of drawing pictures.

Whatever, after drawing the picture now write down, about the pictures. Enter the name of the virus below. And write ‘Corona Safety Posters’ above. We will protect ourselves if the pictures on the posters follow the rules.

Lift the masking tape at the margin.

Now remove the masking tape from the margins. The picture is now finished drawing and coloring. We made it for human protection. Let’s make it a habit to follow this rule too.

Make Coronavirus Poster in 9 easy steps is now complete 

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