Mallika Singh Sketch Drawing In 11 Steps

Mallika Singh Sketch Drawing In 11 Steps

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Tissue paper

1. Draw eyes and eyebrows.

First, we will take the drawing paper. We will draw the margins evenly around the drawing paper. Then we will draw two beautiful eyes, in the middle of the white paper. We will draw eyeballs inside the eyes. And draw eyebrows over the eyes.

2. Draw the nose and lips.

We will draw the nose a little below the middle part of the two eyes. Then draw Mallika Singh’s beautiful lips under the nose. Then draw the lips with three lines, curved up and down and straight in the middle.

3. Make the shape of the hair and draw the flowers and crowns.

The shape of Mallika Singh’s hair will be on both sides of her face from top to bottom. Design and draw flowers on the hair. Draw a large flower on the front and a crown on the back hair, small flowers on the hair on both sides of the face. And draw a necklace to look like a flower on the neck.

4. Draw dresses and nose rings.

Draw Mallika Singh’s nose ring long from her nose to her hair. Then make the shape of the dress on her body.

5. Color the eyes and eyebrows with a pencil.

We will just give the color of the pencil to the eyeball, and leave a blank around the eyeball. We will color the eyebrows darken with a pencil.

6. Color around the eyes and face.

Now, we will do a very light color with a pencil around the eyes. We will do a very light color on the face.

7. Make the hair.

Mallika Singh’s hair has to go from top to bottom. Do a very beautiful design of the hair on both sides of the face.

8. Paint the flowers and dress.

Color a very light with pencil on the small flowers of Mallika Singh’s hair. And bold the flower lines. Draw the design line of Mallika Singh’s left side dress. And darken with a pencil on the right side. We will make the neckline look beautiful by pulling the lines of the necklace to look like a flower on the neck.

9. Make the design of the forehead.

We will design by making small dots on Mallika Singh’s forehead. The dots will until from the middle of the forehead to the corners of the two eyes on both the right and left sides.

10. Make the dots thicker.

Now we will thicken the dots on Mallika Singh’s forehead with a pencil. The dots on the forehead are darker and the corners of the eyes are lighter.

11. Highlight Mallika Singh’s pictures.

We will highlight the complete picture of Mallika Singh with the pencil. Especially flowers, forehead designs, dresses, necklaces, etc. After highlighting, Mallika Singh’s picture drawing and coloring are completed.