Mosque Drawing In 10 Step

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Mosque Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper. – Pencil. – Pencil sharpener. – Eraser. – Tissue paper.

1. Draw the moon.

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First, take the drawing paper. Draw the margin evenly around the drawing paper. Then draw the moon with two curved lines very nicely. Leave the middle part of the moon blank.

2. Draw the stars.

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Draw three stars very nicely.The stars look like they are hanging from the moon by a rope.

3. Middle Part Of Mosque.

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At the bottom of the moon, we will draw the middle part of the mosque. Pull two lines upwards from the moon. Then on top of the line, make rectangular boxes. Make the dome above the box.

4. Draw the mosque on the left side.

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Make the big mosque entrance very beautiful. Draw a small mosque on the left side of the big mosque similarly.

5. Draw the mosque on the right side.

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Now draw the little mosque in the same way on the right side of the big mosque. Draw the two doors of the small mosque.

6. Draw the dome.

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Make domes on both sides of the mosque, in the same way. To draw the dome, first, draw two straight lines from bottom to top. Then draw the head of the dome. Draw the moon on the top of the dome.

7. Color the star.

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Color the stars dark black with a pencil. Give the color very nicely. Be careful that the color does not go outside the stars.

8. Color the mosque.

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We will make a very light color with a pencil on the upper part of the mosque. Then make the design inside the rectangular box. Make the designs by making small circles and boxes.

9. Color the door.

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Lightly color the door of each mosque with a pencil. Do not use very dark colors at the entrance. Give light color at the entrance looks very beautiful.

10. Color the moon.

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Give dark color to the lower part of the moon and light color to the upper part with a pencil After coloring the moon, Now we have completed the drawing.