How to Draw a Mosque – Easy Oil Pastel Drawing

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Capturing Serenity: Easy Mosque Art with Oil Pastels.

Image Source: Unsolash

Requirement Materials -

White paper, Pencil, Pencil sharpener, Eraser, Color Box, Tissue paper

Image Source: Unsolash

Let's make a mosque! Draw a rectangle on your paper—this is the base. It can be any size. This is the ground floor where people come to pray and learn. Have fun!

Draw a triangle on top of the rectangle for the roof. Add small lines on each side for a cool look. These are the edge parts of our mosque! Great job!

Picture a rectangle above the first one; that's the first floor. For the entrance, draw a 'U' shape, and for windows, add two triangles on the sides. Awesome work!

 Get creative! Inside the first floor, make fun designs with curved lines. Connect floors with a gentle curve. On top, draw a half-circle for a cute moon. Great job!

 Extend squares on both sides of the first floor for flair. Add two windows in each. On sides, draw cool domes. Divide the first dome into three with two lines. Awesome design!

Connect mosque corners with diagonal lines. Extend lines to paper edges. Draw simple trees on both sides using curved lines. Fantastic job creating the mosque!

Let's add color! Use pink to fill the walls at both ends of the mosque and the first floor. Make it vibrant and cheerful! Great choice!

Let's bring more color! Paint the ground floor and roof edges bright yellow. Add the same yellow to the 'pin' shape and moon. Color the middle dome design yellow too. Fantastic job!

Time for more fun colors! Make entrances and windows stand out with royal purple. Add the same purple to the 'U' shape on the first floor. It's looking awesome!

Let's add nature's touch! Color lower domes dark green, middle design sunny yellow. Paint a dark green semi-circle above the first floor, ends in yellow. It's a beautiful touch!

Now, let's color the ground light brown, not too dark! Create grass on both sides with a gentle, light green. Fantastic job bringing the mosque to life!

Wrap it up with tree magic! Color tree bottoms light blue, middle part green, and top a lovely light yellow. Congrats! Your stunning mosque drawing is ready! Great job!