Mrinmoy Das (Cinebap) Sketch Drawing In 10 easy steps

Mrinmoy Das (Cinebap) Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Tissue paper

1. Draw eyes and eyebrows.

First, we will take the drawing paper. Then draw the margins evenly around the drawing paper. After drawing the margin, we will draw Mrinmoy Das’s eyes with the help of a pencil. Draw eyeballs inside the eyes and draw eyebrows over the eyes

2. Draw the nose.

Now in the middle of the two eyes, draw a small straight line downwards. We will make the shape of the nose with curved lines on both sides at the end of the straight line.

3. Make the shape of the face, lips, hair, and ears.

We will draw Mrinmoy Das’s lip under his nose. Very nicely done. Then we will make the shape of the face with curved lines. We will make the shape of the hair after the shape of the face. We will draw two ears on either side of the head.

4. Make the dress.

Now, we will draw a dress on his body. The neck part of the dress is round. And the dress is folded over the body. Make folds by drawing small lines on the dress

5. Color the eyebrow with a pencil.

We will color the eyebrows with help of a pencil. Do this color of the pencil very nicely on the eyebrows.

6. Make the hair.

The hairs of Mrinmoy’s head must be curled from bottom to top. Make very subtle one by one.

7. Color the beard and eyes with a pencil.

Make the beard of the Mrinmoy Das very fine and short. One by one, the beards have to go from top to bottom. Mrinmay Das’s eyeballs will be darkened with the help of a pencil. Keep the white around the eyeballs

8. Color the dress.

We will paint a very light color with a pencil on Mrinmoy Das’s dress. We will give the darker to the folded parts of the dress

9. Write the name Cinebap Mrinmoy.

Mrinmoy Das’s YouTube channel is called Cinebap. So, we will write the name Cinebap before the name Mrinmoy. The name Cinebap Mrinmoy, we will write very nicely in English below the picture. The first letter is a capital-rest small letter

10. Highlight the outline.

Now we will highlight the picture with a sketch pencil. Ears, eyes, and beard will highlight everything. Highlight the dress in particular. Now, we have completed the drawing and coloring of Mrinmoy Das

Mrinmoy Das (Cinebap) Sketch Drawing is complete