MS Dhoni Sketch Drawing in 8 Steps

Let's Draw

Wavy Line

MS Dhoni Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Tissue paper

1. Draw the eyes.

Draw eyes and the round eyeballs inside the eyes. And draw the eyebrows with the help of two curved lines above the eyes.

2. Make the shape of Dhoni’s face.

We will draw the shape of Dhoni’s face very beautifully. After making the shape of the face, draw the nose and lips. We should be very careful when we make the face. Draw it very fine.

3. Make Dhoni’s hair, ears, beard, and dress.

On Dhoni’s cheeks, draw the beard shape. Draw two ears on both sides of Dhoni’s head. Dhoni’s head will be drawn with big hair in the middle and small hair on the sides. Draw two lines below the head to make the neck. Then make her dress neatly below the neck.

4. Thicken the hair and beard.

We will make Dhoni’s beard very thick with a pencil. Thicken the short hair on both sides of the head. Do it very nicely and carefully.

5. Draw big hair.

Draw big hair in the center of Dhoni’s head. Make the hair go upwards from the head i.e. make it straight.

6. Color the eyes and eyebrows.

We will give dark pencil color to Dhoni’s eyebrows and eyeballs. Do the color of the eyeball and eyebrows very delicately.

7. Color the ears and face.

We will give light color to Dhoni’s face and ears with a pencil. And darken the inner part of the ear.

8. Write the name, MS Dhoni.

We will color Dhoni’s dress with pencils. Write the name MS Dhani in English on the right side of Dhoni’s shoulder very beautifully. We made the sketch of Dhon easily. Hopefully, you are also done by following our steps.