Nene Chan From Shinchan Cartoon Drawing – Oil Pastel Drawing Tutorial

Nene Chan Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Make hair shape.

First, take the paper white paper. Draw the margin evenly around the white paper. Then make the shape of the hair with curved lines. Draw small lines between the two curved lines and make a bunch of hair on the left side. And draw the hair on the right side up slightly.

2. Draw face.

First, we will make the shape of the face. Then draw circle-shaped eyes. Draw the small circle-shaped eyeballs inside the eyes. Make the eyebrows with a curved line over the eyes. Then draw an almost round mouth. Draw a bunch of hair on the right and ears on the left.

3. Draw hand.

Now, draw the nene chan hands. Draw the right hand on the right side of Nene Chan and the left hand on the left side. Then draw the fingers of both hands very well.

4. Draw dress.

Make the ‘W’ shape of the collar of Nene Chan’s dress. Then draw the upper part dress of the body into an almost square shape.

5. Draw lower part dress, legs, and shoes.

Draw the lower body dress with curves. Design by drawing small lines between the dress. Then draw the right leg down and the left leg up. Draw the shoes on the leg.

6. Color hair.

To color Nene Chan’s hair, use brown color. Also, give the brown color to the hair bunch. Make sure that the brown color does not go beyond the outline.

7. Color skin.

Do this skin color very well. We will give the skin color on Nene Chan’s face, hands, and legs.

8. Color eyes, eyebrows, and mouth.

Do white color to the eyeball and black color outside the eyes. Give black color to the curved line of the eyebrow. Then color the mouth pink.

9. Color the dress.

We will give pink color to the upper dress and color the collar of the dress white. Color the lower dress yellow. Do the color black on the small line design of the bottom dress.

10. Color the shoes and highlight the picture.

Do the color pink to Nene Chan’s shoes. Then make the socks white. Finally, highlight Nene Chan’s picture well with a marker pen. After highlighting our Nene Chan drawing is completed.

Nene Chan's drawing is complete.