Orange Drawing in 6 easy steps

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw the stalk of the orange fruit.

–First, we will take the white drawing paper for the orange drawing. Draw the margins leaving half an inch to draw the margins evenly around the white paper. The stalk of the orange fruit tree looks a lot like a flower. Draw the top of the stalk long and the bottom side like a flower.

2. Draw the leaf on the stalk.

Draw two leaves on the stalk. One big and another small. Draw the upper leaf of the stalk larger and the lower leaf smaller.

3. Draw the oranges fruits.

Oranges fruit are very round in shape. So, we will draw a circle to draw an orange fruit. Just below the stalk. Oranges fruits can be drawn very easily

4. Color the orange fruit.

In the orange fruit, give the color orange. Make the orange color darker. The skin color of the fruit is orange, hence the name of the fruit is orange fruit.

5. Paint the stalks and leaves.

Paint the stalk green. And paint both leaves green. The stalk has held this beautiful orange fruit. Everyone wants to eat this orange fruit. We have almost completed the orange drawing.

6. Highlight the orange fruit and stalks and leaves.

Highlight the stems and leaves and fruits with a black marker pen. Now drawing and coloring the picture is complete. Now you can eat the fruit

Orange Drawing is now complete