Penguin Drawing Easy With Oil Pastel In 8 steps

Penguin Drawing Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw the penguin’s head.

First, we will take the white paper. We will draw the margin around the white paper. Then, we will draw the head of the penguin. The head looks almost round in shape.

2. Now draw the penguin’s neck, scarf around his neck, a hand, and belly.

Draw the penguin’s neck. Draw a scarf around the penguin’s neck. The scarf hangs halfway down from the neck, drawing in the pose. Then draw a hand on the left side, and draw the belly of the penguin below.

3. Finally, draw the eyes, nose, right hand, and legs of the penguin.

Draw two beautiful circles to draw penguins’ eyes. The penguin’s nose is a triangular shape. Then draw the penguin’s right hand. Finally, draw the two penguin’s legs under the belly

4. Color the hair of the head, eyes, and eyeball of the penguin.

We will use black color to color the hair of the penguin’s head. Color the eyes black. Give light white color to the upper part of the black color of the eyes.

5. Color the penguin’s two hands and belly.

Give the black color to color the two hands of the penguin. Give the bottom of the hand white color. Paint the penguin’s belly black in color.

6. Paint the penguin’s nose, mouth, neck, and legs.

Give the penguin’s mouth and neck white color. Use the yellow color to color the penguin’s nose and two legs

7. Color the scarf.

We will make a beautiful color on the scarf so that the penguin looks more beautiful. This beautiful color is red. That means to make the scarf red in color.

8. Paint the ice.

We will use light blue to color the ice. The penguin is standing happily on the ice. Friends, now we have finished drawing and painting this penguin. Makes it as easy as possible.

Penguin Drawing  With Oil Pastel is complete