Puffin Drawing Tutorial In 9 Steps

Puffin Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

Step 1: Draw the Beak

First, draw a beak shape of the puffin.

Step 2: Draw face and Eye

After drawing the beak shape, now make details on the beak. Also, draw the face around the beak of the puffin. Then just make a round eye.

Step 3: Draw Puffin’s Body

Now we will make the body. First, make a curved from the end of the beak. It will be the belly of the puffin. After that, from the head make a wave shape line and finish it like the picture.

Step 4: Draw Puffin’s Legs and Ground

After drawing the body, here we are going to draw the legs of the puffin. You can make the legs easily just you have to consider three feet of the legs according to the picture. After that, make a straight line at 70% of the page. Also, make some curve lines at the bottom to highlight the ground.

Step 5: Blue shade on the Ground

Take the blue color and start shading the ground from the straight line which we draw in the above step.

Step 6: Fill Black Color in the Puffin Drawing

Now time to fill color in the puffin. Take the black color and fill it like the below picture.

Step 7: Fill Red Color in the Beak and Legs

First of all, take the yellow color and fill it in at the start of the beak then take the blue color and fill it after the yellow color. Now take the red color and fill it in the legs and 70% of the puffin’s beak.

Step 8: Orange Shade on the Sky

In this step, we will make the sky with orange shade. Take the orange color and start shading from the top of the art paper.

Step 9: Finalizing the Puffin Drawing

We have almost completed the drawing. Now we have to take a marker and start outlining the edges. This outline makes your drawing awesome.