Rabbit Drawing In 12 Steps

Rabbit Drawing Requirement Materials

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Draw the Ears

First, take the drawing paper. Draw the margin evenly around the drawing paper. After drawing the margin, draw two ears of the Rabbit.

2. Draw the Face Completely

We will draw the shape of the Rabbit’s face very beautifully. After making the shape of the face, draw the nose, mouth, and eyes. We should be very careful when we make the face. Draw it very fine.

3. Draw two legs

We will draw his two legs under the Rabbit’s mouth and the backside. Then draw the fingers of the legs. Draw the Rabbit’s fingers very well. Make sure to draw the upper body with a curve line.

4. Complete the Body with tail

Now draw one more leg beside the front legs then join the lower body with a line with the back legs. After that simply draw the tail like the pictures.

5. Make Grass

Here in this step, we will draw a bunch of grass in front of the Rabbit’s face. So it will look like the rabbit eating the grass.

6. Shade the Head of the Rabbit Drawing

From here we will start filling color in the rabbit. Here we are going to make the rabbit white so all we have to do is just shade the rabbit to make detail. First of all, take light blue color and shade it on the head lightly.

7. Shade the Upper Body

After that, shade it on the upper body area slowly and gradually.

8. Shade Legs of the Rabbit Drawing

Now make the legs shade with the same light blue color slowly and carefully. You can use this color to shade more areas but make sure it will look good.

9. Shade Ears and make Eyeball

Here in this step take pink color to shade the inner side of the ears. Slowly and gradually make the shade from the downside to up. After that, take black color or marker then make the eyeball like the picture.

10. Color the Grass

Here we will fill color in the grass. Take the dark green color and fill it in some of the grass. After that take light green color and fill it in the rest of the grass.

11. Give color to the Ground

Simply takes dark green and you can also use a mixed color to make the ground.

12. Outline the Rabbit Drawing

In the final step, we need to take a black marker and outline the whole rabbit and also the grass. After that just make the rabbit’s mustache slowly.

Rabbit Drawing is almost complete