Save Earth From Corona Drawing

Requirement Materials :

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

Draw the earth.

First, we will take white paper. Draw the margins around the white paper. Draw the margin leaving half an inch to draw evenly around the margin. To draw the earth, you must first draw a circle. Kids can easily draw it with the help of a cut compass. It is not difficult for children to draw a circle, it is very easy.

Draw masks and pictures of the country.  

You have to draw a picture of the mask on the lower part of the earth. There will be two yarn on each side of the mask. And draw pictures of countries on the other side of the earth and leave space in the middle. Leave space in between to draw eyes and nose.

Draw the eyes of the earth.    

We will draw two beautiful eyes of the world in the middle of the empty space. And draw eyebrows above the eyes. Although the eyes are beautiful, not happy, full of many troubles. The only cause of this problem is COVID-19.

Draw two hands of the doctor.      

One hand will be above the earth and one hand will be below. Draw one hand on the top right side of the white paper and draw another hand on the bottom left side in the same way. These two hands are the hands of doctors who are trying to save the earth.

Paint the countries.        

Use the color yellow to paint the countries of the earth. There is not just one country in the world. Give the color of each country yellow. Make the yellow color better, make sure the color does not go out of the outline.

Paint green over yellow.          

In the same way, give green color on the yellow color given in each country. After giving green color, rub the color with tissue paper. The map is similarly painted green over different countries. There are many forests in all these countries.

Paint the mask.            

Give blue color to color the face mask of the earth. Use a light blue color on the mask. Darken the blue on the borders around the mask. And darken the blue on the yarn on both sides of the mask. With the help of blue color in the middle of the mask, draw light spots from right to left.

Paint the doctor’s hand.              

The doctor’s fingers should be painted blue. And give the blue color a light way, not too dark. Give the same color in both. And use pink to color the wrist. Darken the pink color on the wrist. We hope you have finished hand painting.

Draw the COVID-19.                

We will draw COVID-19 on both the right and left sides of the earth. We will draw pictures of COVID-19 with the help of blue and pink colors. First, paint it blue and give the pink color around the blue color. Draw a lot of viruses. The viruses are trying to attack the earth from both the right and left sides.

Draw the nose and face of the earth and give the border.                  

We will draw the nose and face of the earth with the help of a black marker. We will border the eyes, face, and nose with the help of a black marker. Give the whole world and the doctor’s two hands a border around it. Look how easily children have drawn a picture of the earth full of troubles for you.

Save Earth From Corona Drawing is now complete                   

White Scribbled Underline