Shinchan Drawing In 10 Steps

Shinchan Drawing Requirement Materials 

– White paper – Pencil – Pencil sharpener – Eraser – Color Box – Tissue paper

1. Make the shape of Shinchan’s face.

First, we will take the white paper. We will draw the margins evenly on the white paper. After drawing the margins, we will draw the shape of the head and face of Shinchan with the help of curved lines. we will make the mouth of Shinchan round. And we’ll draw one of his ears on the left side of Shinchan’s head.

2. Make the shape of eyes and hair.

We will make the shape of Sinchen’s hair with the help of curved lines. And we will make Sinchen’s eyes and eyeball round.

3. Draw Shinchan’s dress and hands.

We will draw Shinchan’s left hand and fingers in a very beautiful way. And make the shape of her dress over the body below the head.

4. Draw Shinchan’s pants, legs, and right hand.

We will draw Sinchen’s right hand backward. Then I will draw pants under the dress. And draw his two legs and shoes on the bottom of the pants.

5. Color the skin of Shinchan.

We will use light yellow to color Shinchan’s skin. We will do the light yellow color on the skin of Shinchan’s face, hands, and legs.

6. Color Shinchan’s body dress, shoes, and socks.

We will give a dark red color to Shinchan’s dress. Then we will give blue color to the shoes and white color to the socks.

7. Color Shinchan’s eyes and pants.

We will blacken Shinchan’s eyes. And we will give white color to the eyeballs. Then give yellow color to the pants.

8. Paint the hair and eyebrows.

We will use dark black color on Shinchan’s hair. We will give the same dark black color to Shinchan’s eyebrows.

9. Highlight Shinchan’s picture.

We will thicken each line of the drawing with a highlight pen. By thickening these lines, we will highlight the picture.

10. Make some grass.

We will make grass with green color at the place where Shinchan is standing. Make the grasses in a very beautiful way. After making the grass, our picture of Shinchan’s drawing and coloring will be completed. We hope you have completed the drawing very easily.